The Municipal Council is composed of a Mayor, a Deputy Mayor and a Councillor from each of our five wards.

Council meetings are the second and fourth Mondays of each month with exception for holidays and during the summer months.

February 23rd council meeting has been rescheduled to February 22nd, 2018.

2017 Schedule of Regular Council Meetings 

2018 Schedule of Regular Council Meetings

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Mayor Paul Eagleson 519-270-9299    
Deputy Mayor Mark Davis 519-353-5466    
Arran Ward Steve Hammell 519-934-2724    
Chesley Ward Doug Bell 519-363-2058    
Elderslie Ward Brian Dudgeon 519-270-2500    
Paisley Ward Dan Kerr 519-353-5804    
Tara Ward Peter Steinacker 519-934-2874    

Multi-Municipal Wind Turbine Working Group

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