Dog Licencing

All dogs must be registered with the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie.  A dog tag must be affixed to the dog's collar at all times.  If you get a new dog please come into the Municipal Office to register your dog and to purchase a tag for a fee.  If your dog is already registered with us, commencing January 2017 you will receive an invoice and a permanent dog tag in the mail.  In subsequent years, you will receive an invoice only. Should you require a replacement tag, they are available at the municipal office.  

It is your responsibility to notify us if there is any change to your pet's information.  

It is against the Animal Control By-law to allow your dog to run freely off your property unless the owner of the property has given you permission.  

Kennel Licencing

Licenses for kennels will only be issued for those kennels located on property which comply with the Comprehensive Zoning By-laws for the Corporation.  


Animal Control Fees

Dog Licence fee from January 1st - March 31st - $ 15.00
Dog Licence fee from April 1st - December 31st - $ 25.00
Kennel Licence - Annual - $ 100.00
Replacement Tag - $ 5.00
Dog - Running at Large - $ 125.00
Dog - Failure to Licence - $ 125.00
Dog - Failure to Leash - $ 100.00
Being the Owner - Failure to Remove excrement - $ 125.00
Animal Control Office Fee - Actual Cost
Vet Clinic Change - Board Fees and Treatment - Actual Cost