Arran-Elderslie has hired the services of the Ontario Provincial Police to handle all of our policing requirements.  We are serviced by the South Bruce O.P.P. detachment.

Remember that if you have an emergency call 911.

If it is not an emergency but you still need the police call the O.P.P dispatch centre at 1-888-310-1122. 
If you have a question of an administrative nature, or would like to speak with a specific officer for some reason, call the local detachment during normal business hours at (519) 881-3130 or (519) 396-3341. 
If you have knowledge of a crime or information that would be of interest to the police and public safety call Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

South Bruce O.P.P.
808 Hwy 21 N.
P.O. Box 40
Kincardine, ON  N2Z 2Y6
Fax:   (519) 396-4526

Community Service Officer:  PC Darryl Campbell
Did you Know?
  • You would get a $90.00 fine for letting a child under 12 years of age operate an ATV anywhere except on their own property
  • You would be fined $180.00 for supplying tobacco to a person under 19 years of age (Doesn't matter if it is one cigarette or a whole pack!)
  •  If you get caught driving without insurance it will cost you a day in court and a minimum fine of $5,000.00
  • Anyone under 19 years of age caught in possession of alcohol will be fined $105.00  (Doesn't' matter if it belongs to them or if they are holding it for a friend!)
  • If you fail to stop at a stop sign it could cost you $90.00

Telemarketing Scams
If someone calls you on the phone advising you have won something, and then asks you for your credit card information or to send them money or a cheque do not give it to them!  Get a phone number where you can call them back and then call Phonebusters at 1-888-654-9426 or visit their website at www.phonebusters.com to report the scam.