Title:          Smoke Alarm Program
Effective:    December 10, 2007
Purpose:    To establish a program under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act and its regulations, to assist the residents of Arran-Elderslie to comply with the Act  and install smoke alarms, and to promote the testing and maintenance of smoke alarms through school programs, local media and distribution of pamphlets and other fire safety education material.
Procedure: The Fire Chief, Fire Officers and Firefighters shall:
a) promote, and assist where necessary, the installation, testing and maintenance of smoke alarms.
b) promote smoke alarms by distributing educational pamphlets into our elementary schools during Fire Prevention Week as a minimum.
c) educate all firefighters on the installation methods, testing and maintenance of smoke alarms so that they can conduct home inspections during the year and in particular during Fire Prevention week in the month of October.
d) set up a static display at given locations throughout the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie to promote fire safety including smoke alarms at least once per calendar year.
e) provide smoke alarm pamphlets to the public at the municipal office.
f)  provide technical assistance regarding smoke alarms to the public.
g) after every emergency incident involving a residential dwelling, the Fire Chief, Fire Officer and/or firefighter will check to ensure that smoke detectors are properly installed and in safe operating condition before leaving the dwelling.
h) if a dwelling does not have adequate smoke alarm(s), before leaving, install sufficient working alarm(s) to be in compliance with the FPPA.
i) after every inspection, leave smoke alarm pamphlets or literature with the residents.
And upon request, shall
a) provide static displays promoting fire safety including smoke alarms at annual events in the community.
b) attend local meetings and seminars as guest speakers to promote fire safety including smoke alarms.
c) Install batteries and smoke alarm(s) for those who do not have the ability to do so.
APPROVAL DATE:                 December 10, 2007